Sunday, 15 September 2013

Surface Tension - Japan

It has been a fantastic two months of great progress on Surface Tension. The feedback from Titan Books on the latest round of pages has been extremely exciting! As ever I'm always excited to show you more work in progress from the book, but for the moment I can only drip feed information until we are ready to officially promote the book.

So here is a brief look at the events in a Japanese coastal town. What are the people fleeing from, and why is the little girl heading towards the danger and not away from it? Nothing in Surface Tension is as it first seems.

I also have a Jay Gunn Facebook page that is dedicated to Surface Tension. I'll be posting information and snippets of work on that page. Be sure to "like" it in order to receiver updates as I near the launch of the book.

Jay Gunn - Facebook page

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