Interests and Hobbies

The world around us and underground art and culture in all their forms are my inspiration. There are stories and ideas to be found in the high-brow and low-brow, and both are equally exciting to me.

Script writing

I am currently developing some of my script ideas.  One is a graphic novel with the working title "The Last Resort (working title)", which you can see some pages of on this website.

The other is a film script property that is partly autobiographic, telling the story of a boy growing up in Yorkshire during the miner's strike of the early 1980s - it is part-political, part-satire and part-fantasy adventure.

Comics (Graphic Novels, BDs)

Apart from the usual things like playing games or watching films I am a big fan of artsy European comic books (I worship at the altar of Moebius) and Japanese horror (love the work of Junji Ito), as well as toy photography (huh!?). My yet to be published comic work can be found elsewhere on this blog site.

What else...

 Apart from work and geeking out I also like to keep fit and healthy and enjoy running, swimming and working out in the gym (when the mood takes me). I also love to have a healthy social life with all the usual stuff - good friends, chatting, having a laugh over a beer, going out to gigs...blah blah.

 I love to travel and often frequent the cafes and dusty BD book stores of Paris, where I can re-charge my creative batteries and daydream about possible future projects.

 The coast! I love old British seaside towns, harbours and beaches, they seem to buzz and sing with stories. I love the texture and feel of the places. I also love to gaze out to sea and the horizon, I find it humbling and it helps to clear my mind.


 I currently live in Cambridge with my darling girlfriend Rosa, who is an angel putting up with my long hours at work. We also have a part-time cat called "Fatty" and love chilling out on lazy Sunday mornings listening to podcasts and music.

At my happiest when surrounded by comic books and a drawing board.

Jason Wilson - 2012