CV: Experience and Skills

Experience on recent titles:
  • Creative director - 1 shipped title -  prototype to final release as a full time director (Sony).

  • Art director - +3 shipped titles as full time art director (Sony).

  • Production trouble shooter - 1 shipped title as a production trouble shooter (Sony).

  • Concept artist +4 shipped titles as full time concept artist (Sony).

  • Lead designer 1 shipped title as a full time lead designer (Sony).

  • Team lead on research and development on technology and software (Sony).


Creative director

  Leading and directing a team from initial pitch of concept to prototype demonstrations, production and eventual release. During pre-production and through production I would direct and work with all disciplines from design, art, code, audio and marketing.

Problem solving team lead
I am a creative thinker and whether I am in a team director role or any other role such as lead artist or lead designer I am pro-active in solving development problems and finding solutions. I am just as comfortable dealing with technical challenges as I am at finding art solutions. Please refer to my design case study of TV Superstars.

Art director
Directing teams of artists to ensure that the final in-game visuals are of a high standard. My role is fulfilling the requirements of the project and working directly with the art team and the game director. At Sony Cambridge I was responsible for the high standard of art on five projects.

Concept art

Designing and drawing up elements for a full project from initial concept and through the production phase. I would be responsible for concept art and the quality of the final in-game assets during art reviews. I have a mixture of styles and techniques from 3D graphics to fine technical drawings that encompasses both environments and character work.

Lead designer  

Designing games from initial concept and through production, leading a team of designers and working with the art departments and code to ensure a game design is AAA. I consider all of my games' work to be a game design challenge in one way or another.

Creating Thinking and Brain Storming techniques

Leading research and prototype teams to brainstorm and develop prototype ideas and concepts for a diverse range of software and hardware platforms. I have been trained in a variety of brain storming techniques and can work with large or small teams to generate ideas that have resulted in shipped games.

Presenting and pitching new concepts

Taking concepts and ideas and pitching them to green light groups that also include marketing departments. Preparing and creating game presentations in a variety of media – Power Point, concept art and video trailers. I am a confident enthusiastic speaker and have pitched concepts that have been granted green lights.

Trouble Shooting Projects

I have worked in the capacity of a team trouble shooter, taking projects that are struggling to hit dates or are having production difficulties (eg. art). I will work with the team to ensure release dates are hit whilst still retaining quality.

Script writing and editing

Preparing and writing draft scripts and working with professional script writers to focus and polish a script to create a final workable draft. My skill is to be able to evaluate and to edit and evolve a script based on in-game technical and budget requirements. I am also able to direct professional actors in voice recording sessions and have a good personable relationship with actors.

Press junkets and PR visits
I have been trained in PR communication and have completed a number of European/American press tours. I have talked at a number of international venues in order to promote a wide variety of games.