Comic Book work - Surface Tension

Role: Writer and artist - self

  • Surface Tension - 2013 (to be released in 2015)

Worked on and published under the pseudonym of - Jay Gunn.

Currently writing and illustration Surface Tension for Titan Books. A five part science fiction and fantasy story. I cannot say too much about this project as details are being kept under wraps for the moment. Stay tuned for further details.

- Temp cover mockup created for the Titan Books catalogue -

Old demo materials created for my comic art portfolio - 2006-7

All images and story synopsis for "The Last Resort" are copyright and property of Jason Wilson.

This book demonstration was designed to look like a faded 'pulp' comic,something that might have been bought in a seafront bookshop in the 1970s. It is partly inspired by 2000ad, Misty comics and the seaside horror novels of Guy N Smith. In some respects it was a crude starting point for what was to evolve into Surface Tension.The art was drawn onto A2 sized sheets of paper or card and then cut up and scanned into Photoshop where they are coloured.

All images on this page are copyright and property of Jason Wilson.