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   With over 25 years worth of experience, I started my adventures in the fledgling games industry at a young age in the late 1980s. I have been instrumental in conceptualizing, developing, designing and directing many popular games across a variety of disciplines and platforms.

 Developing video games and working with other creative, like-minded people is both my passion and my profession. I have worked in key positions on a string of well-known Sony titles such as the MediEvil series, as well as many fondly remembered famous retro titles.

 My career has seen me working as Creative Director, Art Director, Concept Artist, Lead Designer, Concept/Research Group Lead, Script Writer and Company Spokesperson for press events and educational lectures.

 This website is designed to highlight both my visual design skills and my practical, hands-on game design experience -two key disciplines that I bring together in my work as a creative lead. Also featured on these pages is my work outside of the world of video games, such as my narrative sequential art skills (comics and storyboards).

 The games I have worked on over the years have won many awards, the most prestigious amongst them being the BAFTA award for Best Console Game.

 If you have any further enquiries about my work, or any projects that may be of interest to me, then please contact me at:


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