Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dr Who Toy Photography Book

Here's a fun "hobby" project that I have been working on - The Doctor Who Monster Toy Book

A digital download book for children of all ages who enjoy toys and Doctor Who or just enjoy looking at crazy retro sci-fi toy monsters.

This is a teaser image for a digital book project that I have been putting together with a group of model makers and photographers - the history of the old classic Dr Who TV series, retold using action figures, custom made monsters and hand made model sets.

A lot of painstaking work and ingenuity has gone into the photographs that readers will be suprised and delighted by.

There will also be features on how to create playsets and miniature photographic tips making it an entertaining read for children and adults alike!

The book should be available for download in early May.


  1. Has this book been completed?

  2. Going through formatting at the moment, will be announcing a release date soon.

  3. Replies
    1. Unfortunately the project is suffering a delay due to my commitment to my upcoming comic book work, which sucks up all my free time. When things calm down a little I hope to return to the Monster Book in time for a release in the summer time. Sorry for the delay.