Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Moving on...

Just a note to say that I have moved on from Sony Computer Entertainment to pursue my own personal projects by writing and illustrating narrative work in the field of graphic novels as well as other personal projects.
I am super excited by the potential of these projects and I hope to make some official announcements later in the year and can't wait to share these projects with you all.

Please note:

From putting this website up online I have been recieving a number of emails and even CVs and demo discs from would be designers and artists regarding potential possible posts at Sony. Unfortunately I cannot help with any of these requests and you would be only wasting your time sending me demonstrations of your work in regards to working at Sony as I am now no longer connected to that studio.

Please address any enquiries of job postings to the Sony Cambridge Studio with "Mark Green" being your point of contact and not myself.

For any other possible project work or events that may be of interest to me then please email me at the email address supplied on this website.

All the best,


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